The Kitchen Guru App


Kitchen Guru is an app for the iPhone and iPad available on Apple's App Store. With Kitchen Guru, you can find new recipes, convert weights and measures, scale up a recipe and get cooking tips in one simple app! A friendly and minimalist interface makes Kitchen Guru easy and fun to use. Take a look at some screenshots to get an idea of what Kitchen Guru can do.


Whether you're planning a holiday feast for a big crowd, grilling on a weekend afternoon or just figuring out what to make for dinner, Kitchen Guru can help make things easy. Six different tools are included that will come in handy throughout the cooking process:

  • Search over 2 million recipes from 500+ top web recipe sources with a search tool powered by Edamam. When you've found that perfect recipe, you can share with your friends with your app of choice or save it to Notes.

  • Convert between units of measure to adjust a recipe to work in units you're most familiar with. Includes units of volume, weight, temperature, pressure and time.

  • Need to measure 100 grams of flour but don't have a scale? Prefer to use a scale but your recipe lists volumes? This app can help you interconvert weights and volumes for over 150 common ingredients.

  • Scale a recipe's ingredient amounts to the number of servings you need, and then email the list to yourself or anyone else. Unlike other apps, Kitchen Guru allows you to work with the entire recipe so you don't have to write down the results from one-by-one scale-up calculations.

  • Estimate roasting times for things like whole chickens, turkeys, prime ribs and fore ribs. Just select what you're roasting and enter the weight (in units of your choice) to get an estimated time at a suggested oven temperature. Also includes tips for each type of roast as well as internal temperature targets to know when to remove from the oven.

  • Find Meat Doneness temperatures for different type of meats at different levels of doneness (e.g. medium rare, medium, well done). Just choose the type of meat and get a list of internal temperatures to help you get your meat cooked perfectly every time!

Kitchen Guru works great on any iPhone or iPad. The app was designed with iPhone X-friendly features such as high resolution graphics and edge to edge views. Efficient coding, simplicity by design and an ad-free environment help maximize performance on all devices.


If you need a bit of help while you're using the app or would like to know more about the tool you're using, just press the "Info" icon at the top right corner of any screen to display screen-specific information and tips. Feedback is welcome, and each info screen contains a link to a form to send questions, comments or suggestions for the next version. The contact form is available on this site as well, and can be accessed from any page using the menu icon.

If there is any interest, a tutorial can be developed for any of the tools and posted on this site. Please contact me using the web form if you would find a tutorial helpful.

Kitchen Guru is a work of love. During development, the author started using it all the time for everyday meal preparation, and you may find yourself doing the same. Recipes found using the search tool have all turned out great, and is a great way to get new ideas.