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Creature Viewer is a website for kids that saves names, pictures and facts about different kinds of animals. Kids around the world can add to the creature list by uploading a picture and entering information about it.

To view the creatures, go to the link above and choose the type of creatures you want to see, and the list of creatures will be shown. To see big pictures, click the small pictures in the list. You can add facts or more pictures to a creature that's already on the list too!

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Leopard shark

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Site Status

Creature Viewer is ready for your creatures! Please add as many creatures to the list as you want. The site is young and still evolving so you may notice little changes along the way.

Coming Soon: Search by name, view all creatures, possibly links. More creatures will be added over the month of May to get the list started


This website is used by children. Please submit content suitable for all ages. Any user engaged in inappropriate activity will be blocked forever.